Performance Skills: private/semi-private bellydance lessons

Developing your Diva

Performance Skills; Technique and Confidence; Polishing and Nit-Picking, Stage Craft, Developing your particular strengths.

Intermediate/Advanced Belly Dance, small group private sessions with Adira. Schedule your session anytime. Adira will organize topics, assignments, field trips, and performance opportunities outside of Portland

This is usually a small (3-6) tightly knit group of dancers to allow for direct attention of the instructor. Please talk with Adira to join in: 207 415 7204

Would you like personal and close attention from the instructor? These semi-private workshops will focus on exactly what YOU need in a small group setting.

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Would you like personal focus from the dance teacher to hone in on your particular points of growth? In a small group, you will develop skills in many areas, and there is time and room for special requests. We will also be giving feedback to each other. Some topics we may address include the following, but there will always be tangents…

Stillness: The hardest part of the dance are the pauses between the movements. But that’s where the magic is…

Dance technique: Moves, drills and skills to refine your dance. Levels, speeds and stillness are all part of a confident dancer’s vocabulary, as is dancing in front of each other, as well as accepting and giving constructive feedback.  Gotta get used to it sometime…

Costuming; What is the right style for your body? Buy it or make it? We’ll critique some styles online and define costuming for your body type and dance personality.

Attitude: How do you present yourself on stage? Or in life for that matter ? (as all the world’s a stage…) Eye contact, a dance name, courage and creativity, audience interaction, attraction and captivation…

Business: How do you present as a professional business person? Interaction with owners of venues, tips for creating fliers, advertising, websites and other means of putting yourself out there. What happens when someone puts unflattering pictures or video of you on the internet?

Paperwork: What do you personally need in a working contract? Why would you need this? What else do you need for performance? Creating your own safety net and trusting your gut instincts.

Music: How to select canned music for particular venues and audiences, and working with musicians and live music.

Drum solos: Canned and Live! Working as frequently as possible with drummers will be part of this class. You will develop confidence  and skills to wordlessly communicate and create an improvised interaction with the drummer during a drum solo. If no live drummer is in evidence, choosing a percussion piece to work with is the next best thing.

Stage Craft and Dynamics: How to fill the floor with YOU! You are more than enough!

Zils and Rhythms: You need to know, play and dance to lots of rhythms. We’ll cover many of the most frequently encountered and deepen the work with those you already know. How to play in different venues to different audiences.

Props: dancing with objects, using them traditionally and creatively, when to use then. when to NOT.

Balancing: One of the coolest tricks is to balance various things on your body: trays, swords, canes, candles… it’s also excellent for posture and equilibrium.

Improvisation: Finding inspiration within, and letting it out.

Floor Work: How to gracefully get up and down off the floor, when to do it, and how to keep it  looking sacred instead of scared.

Group Choreography: Creating as a team, and looking cohesive.

Performance: As a class, we will select music, create choreography, talk about costuming, set design, marketing, advertising and performing as a group.

Solo Piece: By the end of this class you will be working individually on your own solo to your choice of music. We’ll all participate in making it fabulous and beautiful. You’ll have opportunities to perform it if you like at haflis and other events.

Field Trips to venues in Bangor, New Hampshire, Massachusetts (the Middle East Restaurant Open Mic night and others. Watching other dancers is one of the best ways to learn about costuming, music, how to handle venues, musicians, what to do and what NOT to do…ahem.

You’ll need; zils (I have them for purchase) and muffles (baby socks work well) a china silk veil (ask me for sources if you need one), at least two semesters of belly dance class experience, sense of humor and adventure, willingness to try completely new and weird things..

Get a group together and call me to arrange a semi-private time.

Portland Location, up to 4 dancers may share the cost of $70/hrspaceperfcl.jpg

FMI or to register: Adira 207.415.7204