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Mondays and Wednesdays – Global Dance Party!!

5:30 – 6:30 pm at Lincoln Middle School cafeteria.

Quieres Bailar? Do you Like to Dance? (playlists)

Way more fun than a regular fitness class!  Lots of dance experience, a love of true Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, Argentine Tango, Bellydance, Swing, other Latin and Folkloric dances, and over 18 years of training in Middle Eastern Dance allows her to teach the real stuff. Emma applies her certifications in Group Fitness, Massage and Personal Training to create an exciting, effective and safe class for back, hips and knees. You’ll easily learn the basics of many dances and how to apply them to your own movement as the music flows through you! Since she is also a DJ (Shaken and Stirred, Fridays 10:30 – noon, WMPG 90.9/104.1 FM) you’ll be dancing to real music from real artists. Nothing is better for dancing than that!

Dance is the best way to exercise, and it’s FUN!

$6 drop ins!  10 class punch-card for $50 (valid for all Emma’s fitness classes M/T/W). Lincoln Middle School Cafeteria 522 Stevens Ave. (map)   Discover the latest craze in dance fitness. Please bring a mat, sneakers and water bottle. Sign up to receive emails about class cancelations or relocations.

Ever thought about a Global Dance Party at your home or event? Great for Birthdays, or events to get everyone up and shakin’! Email Emma for more information.

Tuesdays –  Fit for the Future - Strength Training

5:30 – 6:30pm at Lincoln Middle School Cafeteria.

$6 drop ins! or buy a 10 class punch-card for $50 (valid for all Emma’s fitness classes). Lincoln Middle School cafeteria 522 Stevens ave. Enter at the back of the school.

Regain, maintain and improve fitness levels to be free to enjoy life and travel experiences, prevent injuries and maximize healthspan no matter what age or stage.

Accessible and challenging for all levels – beginner through athlete. We will use both body weight and resistance tubing (provided) for a complete workout. A good stretch will be included at the end of class (stretching straps provided). Please bring sneakers, a mat and water bottle to class.  Sign up to receive emails about class cancelations or relocations.


Buy a 10-class punch card with Paypal

This will take you to Paypal.  Sign in and gift “”  with $50. Paypal will then notify me and I’ll hold the pass for you to collect in class.

Emma’s 3 minute quad workout:


Pilates exercises we have been doing in classes;

1) 100 2) rollup 3) single leg circles 4) series of 5; single leg stretch (knee into chest and switch); double leg stretch (curl into ball, then extend out and back in) Single straight leg stretch (climb up one leg, reach out with other, switch); double straight leg stretch (hands behind head, both straight legs up); criss cross . 5) swimming (on belly, flutter arms and legs)

Exercise Classes in Your Workplace

Connect me with your HR department and lets make it happen!Exercise classes can come to your workplace! I can design and implement a class series or a single workshop for health in the workplace specifically for your employees. Classes that work well on site are

  1. Pilates/Yoga for core strength
  2. Stretching and Self Massage (for the prevention of repetitive motion injuries commonly seen in office environments)
  3. Healthy Eating -for the Holidays, -on the go for traveling employees, -at home, -vegetarian, – heart health

anything your employees can think of…

A 15-20 minute Strengthening routine

After walking or warming up try any or all of the following:

- Lunges or Squats  x 10 per leg (quadriceps/front of leg and glutes)

- Bicep curls with band or bottle of liquid (10 x per arm)

- Standing Hamstring Curls (10 x per leg)

- Tricep overhead extensions  with band, or water bottle/can o beans OR tricep dips (10x)

- Calf Raises with a balance at the top (15 – 20 x) and Toe Taps  (30 x or ’til you feel it)

- Shoulder press overhead with band or water bottle/can o beans (10 x per arm)

- Pilates series of 5 (see below) and Prone inverted boat pose for 5 breaths (repeat 3 x)


add ins for extra brownie points: rowing with band, standing on one leg, hip/half/full-body push ups, planks (front and side), dolphin or half-dog (yoga), any yoga balances, sissy squats. Call or email for more descriptions.