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I’ll be putting links here for the June class that interest me regarding health and dance.

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Update 6/10/14- homework was to keep on the food diary and identify some carbage (useless carbs) in your diet you could eliminate, well, replace with something more helpful.

Here’e the waist to hip info: It’s just a number: Keep calm and dance on. Eat your veggies.

  • Absolute Waist Circumference in cm or inches (you want it lower that the number given)
    Women: >88 cm or 35″
  • Waist-to-Hip Ratio (Circumference of Each) (you want it lower than the number given)
    Women: >0.85  = central obesity

Just found this (see below) Very interesting. You can make your salads more yummy and powerful by adding half lettuce half other green (Jessica’s massaged julienned kale, shreds of cabbage, watercress, etc… plus radish shavings! YUM!) BTW, You can get watercress and many other (cruciferous) greens very easily and cheaply from many Asian food stores, like the one across from my office on St John st. “Serey Pheap”.

Item Nutrient Density Score

Watercress 100.00
Chinese cabbage 91.99
Chard 89.27
Beet green 87.08
Spinach 86.43
Chicory 73.36
Leaf lettuce 70.73
Parsley 65.59
Romaine lettuce 63.48
Collard green 62.49
Turnip green 62.12
Mustard green 61.39
Endive 60.44
Chive 54.80
Kale 49.07
Dandelion green 46.34
Red pepper 41.26
Arugula 37.65
Broccoli 34.89
Pumpkin 33.82
Brussels sprout 32.23
Scallion 27.35
Kohlrabi 25.92
Cauliflower 25.13
Cabbage 24.51
Carrot 22.60
Tomato 20.37
Lemon 18.72
Iceberg lettuce 18.28
Strawberry 17.59
Radish 16.91
Winter squash (all varieties) 13.89
Orange 12.91
Lime 12.23
Grapefruit (pink and red) 11.64
Rutabaga 11.58
Turnip 11.43
Blackberry 11.39
Leek 10.69
Sweet potato 10.51
Grapefruit (white) 10.47″

Update 6/5/14: What the heck is inflammation and why should we care?

I like how this article explains the basic premise of inflammation as it applies to acute (minor) injury. It gives a good visual and I like the “goldilocks” idea of inflammation – we need just enough, not too much, and not too little. But it doesn’t finish the explanation (maybe because it isn’t as easy to picture) regarding chronic inflammation. It also gives some good suggestions for lifestyle additions.

For Cardiovascular disease, imagine the inside of healthy arteries as smooth pink tubes. The result of a poor diet, stress, lack of exercise and other things cause a chronically higher level of those inflammatory chemicals to float around in your bloodstream and attack the walls of those tubes resulting in abrasion, ensuing stickiness,  higher blood pressure and eventual clotting. I like how this doctor describes the state of arteries under chronic inflammation. (Remember to take everything anyone says with a grain of salt and your own best judgement!)

I am not endorsing either way of thinking, it’s just that the explanations make sense to me from a biological point of view.

Homework for 6/3 was to jot down a habit you’d like to change or create in the next 3 weeks, AND do a food journal !!!This is Optional!!! (see way below for template)

- the term for non-DNA sequence changes in gene expression is called  epigenetics. Basically the gene is there, but whether it is turned on, or off – if the book in your library is flagged and read or not can be determined by outside factors. Maybe derivatives from your diet, or toxins from your environment.

For example, toxins from second-hand smoke may affect the expression of a gene that makes you more susceptible to cancer. You always had the gene, but the toxins might boost the signal from it, thus increasing your risk. OR phytochemicals from cruciferous vegetables may block or suppress tumor genes from being read so much, so you lower your risk for colorectal cancer. More on this next time.

in laywoman’s terms  OR      a rather more scientific explanation    But anyway, it’s early days yet, very exciting, though kind of   “well, duh!!!”

The Happy Recipes:


Click here for a  BMI calculator.  Keep in mind that muscular people are going to turn out as “overweight”. For example, my BMI is 24.9.

It’s just a number, don’t lose your cool.


Here’s Dr. Andrew Weil’s recommended Food Pyramid.

I must say, I agree with most of it, and it’s how I tend to eat. Notice how there is no red meat visible in the pyramid, but it’s there in the “other sources of protein” section at 1-2 x/wk.

Not only is it anti- cancer, it’s anti-inflammatory, and also lowers the risk for heart disease. My jury is out on the supplement idea. I think a better way is to get your nutrients from organic chemical-free and cruelty-free, local products, (call me whacky.)

But, if you know you are deficient in some area, say Vit D, then you’d better do what you can to get your levels up to healthy, and a supplement might be the way to go. Use your best judgement and choose your support crew wisely.

I am not afraid of fats, and eat full fat dairy (yogurt, occasional ice cream/gelato), but I don’t tend to eat a lot of meat or butter. Just not my preference. I’m also pretty low on gluten consumption, but not because I have jumped on the Gluten-Free wagon. Mostly because there are so many other yummy ways to eat than the sad old SAD. I do go overboard on Almond Butter. Thats one of my vices. I know I know. I’m working on it.


A template for a food/activity journal. This what I use when things get out of control and I need to remind myself of what I am doing. I usually need it in the depths of winter when I am self-medicating with comfort foods and not getting enough exercise. Take a note book and divide the page longitudinally in 3 columns like this:



Date ________________________ 

Energy IN                                                     Energy  OUT                                            Comments: things I noticed…

food, beverages (yes everything)            forms of movement during the day           I was annoyed/eating after 10 pm…

All, plus times of day                                 hopefully more than 30 min/day




The Playlist from 6/3/14

Song name                                                      Artist

Baila Baila                                                      Chayanne

Elle Est Partie                                                 Luc Cherkie

Oye Como Va                                                  Kinky

Gozando Vivire                                              Fulanito

Slow                                                                 Beats Antique

Soy Campesino                                               Ska Cubano

Tuxedo Junction                                            Erskine Hawkins

Lili S’en Fout                                                   Toufic Farroukh feat. Yasmine Hamdam

Dub-The-Buka                                                Harem

Rompi Rompi                                                  Ozel Turkbas

To Kenourgio Minore                                    Sirtaki Kofto