Beginner Lindy Hop

Engine Gallery  265 Main St.  Biddeford, ME

This class is designed to introduce beginners to the FUN of Lindy Hop. We’ll learn about connecting with your partner, the roles of leaders and followers, and a handful of moves to get you swingin’. We’ll practice with some cool Big Band tunes, and tell you where you can dance to live music locally. We also send out notes and a video after every class so you can review.

Lindy Hop is a social dance, and dancers will rotate often to promote learning and dancing with everyone. You don’t need to sign up with a partner, but we’re offering a discount if you do, to ensure we have a good balance of leaders and followers. If you register online before the first class, you’ll save more. Please pre-register below to reserve your spot. (Don’t have PayPal? read on for mailing address).

These classes are a great way to get started, just in time for upcoming Lindy Hop events all over New England!

After dabbling in Lindy for several years, Scott has been taking lessons and workshops for more than a year, and Emma for about a year herself. In addition, Emma has been dancing and teaching the Argentine Tango for many years — feel free to ask her about it! We both really enjoy the music and energy of Lindy Hop, and look forward to sharing it.

Classes will be held at the Engine Gallery, 265 Main Street, in Biddeford’s blossoming downtown.

Classes will run for four sequential Tuesdays. Any classes moved due to inclement weather will be rescheduled for the following Thursday. (notes and video from the March session).

Tuesdays April 1, 8, 15, 22  7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. (includes some practice time)

Class 1: Start counting! 8-count steps, connecting with your partner

Class 2: review, moving in front of your partner

Class 3: review, traveling with your partner

Class 4: review, some turns






Early registration cost by Mar 28th for second session: $45 per person or $80 per couple. Send it in, or use Paypal.

After March 28th: $50 per person or $90 per couple. Credit cards accepted at the class, (or earlier if you can catch up with Emma so she can use her Square)

Drop-in fee: $15 per class, at discretion of teachers — please inquire!  Drop-ins will not be accepted after the second class of each session, so sorry!

Pre-register online through Paypal below, or mail a check made out to Scott Marcoux or Emma Holder postmarked for the Friday before the first class of either session to:

Beginner Lindy Hop

222 St. John Street, Suite 204

Portland, ME 04102

When registering, please include your cell phone and email, thank you!

Please contact us if you have any questions — Scott Marcoux at 207-590-3505 (email him) or Emma Holder at 207-415-7204 (email her)

To register for a 4-class swing series, or any number of drop-ins via Paypal,

Registration April single ($50.00), or an April leader/follower partnership ($90.00), please click the link below and send the appropriate amount to eholder@maine.rr.com.

!!!Please include your phone number in the memo part!!! Thanks :)




Refund policy: We’ll happily refund your payment before the first class if you find you cannot come. After the first class, if you find it won;t work out, we’ll refund 50% and after the second, we’re going to Mexico with it all. No refund for you.

(But please call us and let us know what’s up so we can best help.)