2019 Winter Classes with Emma 


Personal Training for The Tango dancer

Tuesdays: Series 1; Jan 8, 15, 22 AND  series 2; 1/29, Feb 5 and 12,

 7:15 -8:15 pm, 195 Longfellow st. Portland Maine (Alton’s “White Oak Villa”) CLICK HERE

Fundamentals of Argentine Tango

5 Wednesdays  and 1 Thursday* : 1/9, 1/16, 1/24*, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13

7:30 – 8:30 pm at the Portland YMCA, studio A, 70 Forest ave.  FMI: Click HERE



A Youtube video of local tango dancers

Traditionally, Argentine Tango  is danced with a man and a woman, but non traditional forms of the dance exist in too. Here, Emma and another local teacher (Elmira Cancelada – Portsmouth) dance Tango Mujeres, switching leads throughout the dance. This will give you an idea of the connection and flow of the dance. It is totally improvised, the dancers are listening to the music and each other.


A few words from new dancers:

**Want to have fun learning a new skill or refine tango understanding?….”Argentine Tango for Absolute Beginners” is a great choice. Emma Holder is a genuine, generous and precise instructor. Prepare to be inspired. – Joan S. 

*** For me, the whole experience was one in which I went from feeling unusually reserved at the beginning to feeling inner walls against new relationships and strangers I hadn’t met yet come down and felt myself open up to learning with people I had hardly known before. You created a safe environment where we were all supportive of one another and tried to listen and speak clearly so that we could care for our partners and have a great 3 minute experience in dance with them. – Mandy D. ***

***It started with Al Pacino in the movie, “Scent of a Woman.” I wanted to dance like that. I tried ballroom tango but no magic happened. Then I tried Argentine tango beginner classes with Emma and Laura, and very quickly I began to understand there’s a different way a person can experience gravity. Since then, I’ve taken workshops from many very good teachers, but I keep coming back (4x so far,) to review the important fundamentals of Argentine tango with Laura and Emma, and it’s a blast every time! – Tisha M

***My very first step to tango was in your class through Portland Adult Ed.  The enthusiasm and skill with which you guided us to understanding the basics gave me and a friend the courage to try out local Practicas where we felt totally welcomed and supported in beginning to learn this dance.  It’s been over a year now, with more workshops and practices and dances in the tango community here building from the foundation you put down for us. It is exciting to watch the continued stream of newcomers to tango from your classes and the support at the two of you provide to the tango community at large.  - Pierre S

***Tango is a challenging dance, but Emma & Laura present the basics in an impressive way–making tricky concepts both logical and fun for beginners. And, for me, (surprise!) they managed to bring a deeper understanding of moves I’ve been doing for years. – Bobbi M

***Beginner Tango was daunting to me, coming from a ballroom and swing background, because it seemed so technical, so un-choreographed, and frankly challenging. Had I had the misfortune of starting beginner tango with teachers other than Emma & Laura, I’m certain I would not have continued and could not call myself a Tango dancer today. Their compassion for what a beginner dancer is imagining is their top skill. It’s more the predispositions in our mind we have to rise above than it is the moves with our body. These two women, who teach us to lead and follow, start first with your feelings and progress to teach technical tango skills. Having taken other beginner tango lessons, I feel confident I received the BEST base to add to with this class. You will as well. – Dawn T